What is Resonance in Physics

What is Resonance


The large amplitude vibration of an object when given impulses at its natural frequency is known as Resonance.




Consider a long string stretched tightly between two pegs. Four pendulums A, B, C and D of different lengths are fastened to the string, another pendulum E of same length as A is also fastened. When pendulum E is set to vibrate, it will be observed that all the pendulums start to swing but pendulum A begins to vibrate with larger amplitude, as pendulum E is set into vibration, It imparts its motion to the string. This string in turn imparts the some periodic motion to the pendulums. The natural frequency of all other pendulums except A is different. Due to the some natural frequency only A vibrates as the same vibration of E. This phenomenon under which pendulum A begin to vibrate is called resonance.





March of Soldiers while Crossing the Bridge

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Each bridge has its own natural frequency and marching of soldiers is another vibrating system. So there may occur a force on vibration in bridge. This may damage the bridge. So, for safely precautions, it is written that soldiers must march out of stop while crossing the bridge.


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