Write the General Characteristics of Algae

General Characteristics of Algae


  1. i) Algae are simple eukaryotes.


  1. ii) They are chlorophyllous and can prepare their own food.


iii) They have cellulose in cell wall.


  1. iv) Their reproductive organs are unicellular and body is simple.


  1. v) They are placed in kingdom protista.


  1. vi) They are mostly aquatic.


vii) There are three types of thallus found in algae:

  1. Unicellular thallus are single celled but they can perform all the activities of life.
  2. Colonial thallus make a simple colony. Many similar cells are embedded in a common mucilaginous mass.
  3. Filamentous thallus have many cells joined from end to end to form a long filament.


viii) Algae reproduced both sexually and asexually.


  1. ix) There are 23,000 species of algae.


  1. x) Large groups of algae are Green algae, Brown algae, Red Algae, Golden brown algae, and Diatoms.



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