Write the Internal Structure of Stem

Internal Structure of Stem


  1. A) Morphology:


Stem is present above the ground and it is mostly green. It arises from plumule of the seed. Stem always moves towards light therefore it is called phototrophic.


  1. i) Node is a place where leave arises. Its function is to provide support to plant. It also provides position to the leave from where they can get sunlight for photosynthesis.


  1. ii) Inter node is distance between two nodes.


  1. B) Anatomy:


  1. i) Teuton is present in the outer most layer of plant. It is specific material which reduces the process of transpiration. Its function is protection. It also controls the laws of water from stem.


  1. ii) Cortex is present inside the epidermis. It is composed of parenchyma cells. Its function is to help in storage of food and water.


iii) Endodermis is not present in stem


  1. C) Pericycle:
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They are located between vascular bundles. They are composed of sclerenchyma cells and present in many layers. Vascular bundles are consists of xylem and phloem tissues.


  1. i) Xylem is present in star shape and its function is transportation of water.


  1. ii) Phloem is present in bundles and its function is the transportation of food in different parts of plant.


iii) Cambium is present between xylem and phloem. Its function is to help in secondary growth of the plant.


  1. iv) Medullary Rays are present between the two bundles. They are composed of few thin walls made up of living cells. Their function is to connect pith and cortex for storage of food


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