Write a Letter to your Father asking him about the Health of your Mother

Letter to Father asking him about the Health of your Mother


Examination Hall,

City A. B. C

Feb 5, 2017

Dear Father,


In his letter, Nadeem has informed me that mother is not feeling well. He has given me a hint about her poor health. I am much disturbed to know all of this. I am sure, you will be taking proper care of her. She is the patient of high blood pressure and sugar.

It is better to get her checked by a specialist. Further, kindly arrange a whole time nurse for her, who can take care of her on regular basis.


Please keep in touch With me in this regard.

Yours affectionately,




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If your child is not yet sure that an art school is right for him, but at the same time wants to develop his drawing skills, pay attention to the art studios as an initial compromise. Art studios are commercial only (although free art classes can still be found in some art houses), so there are more of them and you can really choose from among them.
When you have already met with the head of the chosen art studio, ask him about what painting techniques will be studied, whether there is any kind of curriculum, etc. In general, find out how close the classes are to the art school regime, and then decide for yourself – is it good or bad.

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Those who choose not to send their children to art school most often cite its main drawback as a standardized academic approach to drawing.

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