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Write a letter to your Friend requesting him to lend you some Books

Examination Hall;

City A. B. C

Oct 14, 2017

Dear Friend,


How are you? i hope you must be hale and hearty. As you know, my mid term examination is over. I have nothing to do nowadays. I want to utilize maximum of my spare time. So I have decided to improve my English Language. Last year, when I visited your home, I had seen good books in your study on English Literature and Language. So, I request you to lend me some books from your collection.

I know you are very touchy about your books but i will keep them neat and clean. I will take care of them. I also make promise to return all of these books as early as possible.


Pay my Salam to your parents.

Yours sincerely,





Reading fiction can help you better understand a person and his character. It also develops the imagination in the places of the author’s understatement and in everyday life. – Reading books can easily develop flexibility of thinking . A person who spends a lot of time reading thinks much deeper than a person who does not read books at all. Poetrycontains allegory, epithets, hyperbole and comparisons, which add new colors to the reader’s daily life and make them become more attentive to the perception of the work. A long period of time when a person reads leaves a noticeable mark on the personality. Poems even help overcome depression and cheer up . -In the process of reading, the working capacity of the human brain increases . Regardless of the type of literature, scientists have proven that after the completion of a book, a person’s thinking and intellect become more rapidly developed.. While reading in the human brain, areas of the cortex are tense, which are responsible for the development and increase in memory and awareness. Because of what books help train the brain . -Reading helps in everyday life. Various books provide a lot of information to think about. If you read business literature , you can easily become successful and start your own business almost from scratch . You can also easily find an interlocutor or not be boring on a first date. -While reading increases the level of creativity . Often the time that a person spends on books makes the departments responsible for creativity and develop a worldview tense . People who read literature are more creative and open tocommunication than others.
What books to choose to read?

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