Write a Letter to your Friend thanking him for the Books he Lent to you

Write a Letter to your Friend thanking him for the Books he Lent to you

Examination Hall,

City A. B. C

March 24, 2017

Dear Friend,

I received your parcel of books yesterday. Thank you so much for this act of kindness. Indeed it is a great favour for me. I hope, I can get maximum advantage from your books. They will also help me to improve my knowledge and skill. Thanks again for this favour. I shall return these books as early as possible, according to my promise.


Take care of your health.


Yours sincerely,


As a studio (manager) positions itself and its focus. Read the advertisement, talk to the manager personally – there can be any nuances: from the above-described “house” method of guaranteed transformation of the child into an artist to almost completely uncontrolled creativity – the materials were distributed, the theme of the drawing was determined – and go ahead, draw as you know! Ask what drawing, painting and perhaps arts and crafts techniques will be taught, how the classes are going, is there any focused curriculum, etc.
Look at the work of the pupils of the studio. Usually, in the array of works of different children studying in the same studio, one can notice some common style. It’s not that bad, but think – is this style close to your child, do you want his tastes to be formed in this direction? .. And by the way, do not think that the best art studio is the one where the students’ works are the most beautiful and not age-appropriate technically executed – most often this only indicates the active intervention of teachers in children’s creativity!
Try to track the reputation of the art studio and the leader – do its students win at children’s drawing competitions, do they actively participate in the exhibition life of the city? This can also be learned via the Internet, but usually the studio leaders do not hide their regalia and victories, willingly telling and showing awards!

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