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Write Short Note on Blood Group

Short Note on Blood Group


  1. i) Although blood of all look alike but it is different chemically.


  1. ii) This difference is present due to different substances present in Erythrocytes (RBC). These chemical substances are called antigens.


iii) On the basis of antigens and antibodies human blood can be classified into A, B, AB, and 0 blood groups. This is knows as ABO system of blood groups.


  1. iv) Antigens are of two types A and B.


  1. v) Persons with blood group O are called universal donors . They do not have any antigens A or B so they can donate their blood to a person with any type of blood group.


  1. vi) Persons with blood group AB are called universal recipient. They can receive each type of blood because they can receive each type of blood.


vii) Blood groups can also be further divided into (+ve) or (-ev) groups on the basis of Rh System. Rh System also affects on donors or recipient.

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