Write a Short Note on Human Ear

Short Note on Human Ear


We hear the sound by ear. Ear has three parts:


Outer Ear:


This is horn like part, which we can see outside. This ear collects the sound waves and directs them to eardrum. Eardrum separates the outer ear from middle ear.


Middle Ear:


Eardrum passes the collected vibrations of sound to middle ear. This ear is small irregular cavity. It consists of three moveable bones called hammer, anvil and stirrup.


Inner Ear:


Vibrations of the eardrum are passed to the inner ear. This ear has complicated structure. It plays an important role in hearing. It has a part cochlea. Then these sounds waves converted into messages and send to brain by auditory nerve. Then we recognize the sound.


Maintaining Balancing & Posture:


Balancing is done by the following structures:


  1. i) 3-semicircular canals


  1. ii) Utricles


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iii) Sacculus


Any defect in these structures causes dizziness and loss of balance.


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