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10 Affordable European MBA Programs

10 Affordable European MBA Programs

10 Affordable European MBA Programs:

1. Central European University (CEU), Austria/Hungary
The University itself is located in Vienna (Austria), but the business school, which offers one of the cheapest full-time MBA programs in the world, is located in Budapest. Thanks to the support of George Soros – the founder of the business school, on the one hand, and the location in the Hungarian capital (a relatively inexpensive city) – on the other, degree applicants can expect a good education at an affordable price.

2. Poznan University of Economics, Poland
PoznaƄ University provides an opportunity to master the MBA program based on a modular system of education (when there is no need to live at the university permanently, instead, to come for the duration of the modules provided for by your program). Its implementation is facilitated by the partner of the educational institution – the business school of the University of Georgia in Atlanta, USA.

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10 affordable European MBA programs

3. Graduate School of Business, Turkey
This business school, along with the main program (modular type), can also offer its students an intensive one-year MBA program, the cost of which will pleasantly please applicants.

4. University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
This Slovenian university, which has received accreditation from the AACSB association (the only one in the country), provides its students (including many working professionals) with the opportunity to become an MBA at an affordable price.

5. Hochschule Pforzheim, Germany
One of the many business schools in Germany that offers degree opportunities to international students. The main difference of this school can be called a more affordable tuition fee than in other institutions, as well as the ability to shorten the duration of their studies for those who already have a bachelor’s degree in economics or business.

6. University of New York in Prague, Czech Republic
This educational institution, located in the capital of the Czech Republic, offers its students a large selection of MBA directions at very reasonable prices. An additional bonus will be the prices for accommodation and meals in Prague itself. The school emphasizes that they are active supporters of the interactive teaching method.

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7. Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZSEM), Croatia
This school, located in the capital of Croatia, offers a one-year MBA program. Since the training takes place in the evening, local students have the opportunity to combine both study and work. Also, this option is attractive for those who have the opportunity to work remotely. Interestingly, a number of classes in the program can be attended in the second year of study at no additional charge.

8. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), Spain
The most budgetary option for studying in Spain can rightfully be considered Charles III University in the capital of the country. It is worth noting that the cost of living in Madrid is also not at all the highest in comparison with other European capitals.

9. International Institute of Management, France
Relatively low tuition fees at the International Institute of Management in Paris (on average, half as much as in other business schools in the French capital) can compensate for living in one of the most expensive cities on the planet.

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10. MIB Trieste School of Management, Italy
Despite the low tuition fees, this management school is considered one of the best in Europe. And it is located in an extremely beautiful corner of Italy.

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