10 Matric Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2022

10 Matric Chemistry Guess Paper


  • Write note on the treatment of sewage water.
  • Write the uses of Bases.
  • Write note on fractional distillation of petroleum.
  • Write detailed not on Ammonia Solvay Process.
  • Write down the significame of atmospheric gasses.
  • Write a short note on the layers of atmosphere.
  • Write a note on general characteristics of organic compounds.
  • Write a note on methods of removing water hardness.
  • Write a detailed not on classification of organic compounds.
  • Write a detailed note on function a group of alkenes & alkyne.
  • Write a detailed account of nucleic acids.
  • Write a detail account on Solvay’s process.
  • Write a detail note on hydrocarbons as feed stock in industry.
  • Why water is universal solvent explain.
  • Write a note on the uses of organic compounds?
  • White levies concept of acid and bases.
  • What is importance of equilibrium content?
  • What is water pollution explain.
  • What is destructive distillation of Coal?
  • What are vitamins? Describe the types of vitamins mentioning sources, uses and diseases of each type.
  • What is auto-ionization of water? How is it used to establish PH of water?
  • What are polysaccharides explain.
  • What are mines? Explain the different types of amines giving examples.
  • What are monosaccharides? Give their characteristics.
  • What are homologous series? Write down the characteristic of homologous series.
  • What are lipids? Write a detailed account of lipids? Describe the sources and uses of lipids.
  • What are general properties of Coal?
  • What are amino acids? Explain that amino acids are building blocks of proteins.
  • What are Carbohydrates? How monosaccharide’s prepared.
  • State the preparation of alkanes and alkyanes.
  • State reversible reaction and dynamic equilibrium.
  • State the law of Mass-Action and derive the expression for equilibrium constant for a general reaction.
  • Standardize the given NaOH solution volumetrically.
  • Identify saturated and unsaturated organic compound by KM 04 test.
  • Identify sodium. Calcium, Strontium, barium, copper and potassium ions by flam test.
  • Identify Carboxylic acids using sodium carbonate test.
  • How the crude oil cans is refined? Or write a note on the Fractional Distillation of Petroleum.
  • How urea is formed on commercial sale? Explain with help of flow sheet diagram.
  • How soluble salts are prepared?
  • Give the physical properties of Acids and Bases.
  • How polarity of water molecules plays its role to dissolve the substances.
  • Give the methods for preparation of alkenes.
  • Give the characteristics of troposphere.
  • Give the importance of vitamins.
  • Give the characteristics of an acidic salts and Basic Salts.
  • Give methods of preparation of alkynes.
  • Give some used of organic Compounds in our daily life.
  • Give Four Uses of Calcium oxide.
  • Give different chemical reactions of alkanes?
  • Give Disadvantages of hard water.
  • Give concept of Arrhenius about acid and base.
  • Explain with example how soluble Salts are prepared.
  • Give chemical reactions of alkenes.
  • Explain water pollution by industries.
  • Explain the oxidation of acetylenes.
  • Explain the sources and uses of proteins.
  • Explain the Lewis Concept of acids & Base.
  • Explain roasting with reference to Copper Experiments.
  • Explain that amines acids are building blokes of proteins.
  • Explain oligo saccharides.
  • Determine the exact molarity of the NaCO3 solution volumetrically.
  • Explain chemical properties of Acids?
  • Describe the occurrence of water? Also describe the structure of water and is properties.
  • Describe indicators and explain.
  • Describe the functional group of an Alcohol. How alcoholic group identified.
  • Describe a reversible reaction with the help of an example and graph.
  • Demonstrate the softening of water by removal of calcium and magnesium ions from hard water.
  • Derive the equilibrium constant. Expression for general reaction.
  • Demonstrate that sugar decomposes into elements and other compounds.
  • Define and explain the law of mass action and derive the expression for the equilibrium constant (Kc).
  • Define petroleum and what is the origin of petroleum?
  • Classify substances as acidic, basic or neutral.
  • Define a Salt and give the characteristic properties of Salts.
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