10 Matric Class Urdu Guess Paper 2022

Matric Urdu Guess Paper



  • pabandi waqat, mehnat ki barkten, sacience k krishmae,
  • elam k faeday,
  • Eiden, hobulwatni,
  • maan baap k saath slook, Gramer:phaly 9 pages.
  • talab elam k fraez,
  • Araab lganazpage 36 to 39 gramer pages no. 10.


Urdu Kholasa & Chapters Guess Papers


In my opinion, it is advisable to take confident steps in the following areas:

in the Federal Law “On Education” it is necessary to clearly define what the state wants from education and what it does for it itself, that is, to formulate in more detail the purpose of education and build a system of education that would, without blindly copying other people’s samples, relying on the best national experience and traditions of education, went ahead of world development and would determine its specific directions and results; growth points are needed that provide a sharp increase in the quality of education; a balance is needed between practice-oriented knowledge and basic sciences and applied research; requires the creation of an interactive learning process, the development of distant education, to formulate the concept of continuing education; the importance of the integration factor, “international education”, should be taken into account, for example,

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in the federal laws on education and higher education, introduce the concept of “rating of an educational institution” (for all types and types) and establish the mandatory nature of it; to enter into the rating indicators not any secondary technical and material indicators, but, above all, the integration, competitiveness of graduates, their focus on a business career, improvement of their material situation due to their high professional level, desire and desire for knowledge throughout their working life;

development of methods for compiling and determining the rating, determining its results;

legislate the obligation that a high rating really reflect on the image of an educational institution, its teachers, the prestige of diplomas (certificates, certificates), the amount of state funding, allocated investments, grants for research and development, innovation, improvement of material and technical level , the remuneration of the teaching staff, the social status of students, the broader opportunities for graduates to find work;

adjust the assessment of schools not only and not so much by the number of medalists and passing the exam, but by the actual high level of knowledge of the student and their implementation in the school years, for example, in all types of olympiads and competitions (domestic and international), practical mastery of foreign languages ​​perfectly , by means of information technology, the capabilities of Internet systems, as well as increasing the demand for their graduates in professional educational institutions and in economic sectors.

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Life skill, unlike skin color, is difficult to see and appreciate. The presence of wealth does not always reflect a high level of life skill. Wealth and mastery of life are still different categories, although there is, of course, a certain relationship between them. But that’s the subject of another post.

Here I want to consider life mastery from the point of view of what it gives to a person-doer. Accordingly, I will single out 5 stages in the development of life mastery. Each of these stages of development will be associated with tangible and visible changes.

These are the stages, at each of which a man-doer, with the help of his life skill, can:

consciously develop oneself, that is, engage in systemic self-development;
create a successful system through participation in teamwork;
form and develop a professional team , including helping other people develop systematically;
create and transform enterprises , including organizational change and digitalization;
implement reforms at the level of industry, country or scientific revolution on a global scale .

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