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10th Class Biology Guess Papers Topics for Short Questions

Guess Papers of Biology 10th Class

Topics for Short Questions

Breathing, Cellular Respiration,Lenticel, Lungs,Alvoli,Trachea,

Voice Box,Asthma,Pneumonia,Bronchitis, Tar,Homeostasis,

Osmoregultion,Gutation,Nephron, Kidney Stone, Kidney Transplant,

Lithography, Dialysis&Types, Stimulus,Elector,Spinal&Cranial Nerve,

Neuron,Nerve&Types, Reflex Action,Gonad,Pancreas, Epilepsy,

Bone & Cartilage, Skeleton & Types, Antagonism, Osteoporosis, Arthritis,

Reproduction, Binary&Multiple Fission,Spore,Corm, Rhizome,Bulb,Cutting,

Grafting,Sexual Reproduction&Types, Alternation Of Generation,

Pollination & Types, Germination Types & Factor, Inheritance, DNA, Gene,

Allele,Homo&Heterogeneous, Dominant&Recessive, Test Cross & Types,

Artificial Selection,Predication, Completion, Food Chan & Web, Eutrfication,3R,

Fermentation & Types, Ferment ER, Uses Of Biotechnology, Pharmacy & Pharmacology,

Drug & Types, Antibiotics & Types



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