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Why do we need a Daily Today Horoscope in Urdu?…
An individual horoscope is the one and only, even for twins and twins, a cosmic passport, fixed at the time of your birth, which has no analogues anymore. In an individual horoscope, each planet is located in a certain zodiac sign and house, at a certain angle (aspect) to another planet. That is why each person is unique, unrepeatable and has only his inherent potential. Daily Today Horoscope in Urdu

An astrologer will help you learn how to best use the strengths and weaknesses of your personality, where to direct the energy of action to realize the abilities inherent in you. Daily Today Horoscope in Urdu He will also tell you when to use the opportunities provided by Fate, so as not to miss sometimes the only chance to achieve the desired result in a particular area of ​​life.

What is the main task of an astrologer?
The main task of an astrologer is to translate the language of astrology into an understandable and acceptable language for those who come for a consultation. Only with the help of an individual horoscope can one predict when there will be the most favorable opportunities: to get married, get married, enter into or terminate a business agreement, etc. What profession to choose based on certain inclinations, how to choose the right husband, wife, when to buy or sell real estate, etc. Daily Today Horoscope in Urdu

Of course, you can not contact an astrologer and live unconsciously in accordance with your horoscope. Then, at the time of making important decisions, you will make a choice solely on what mood you will have at that moment, how much you yourself realize the importance of the decision being made, the seriousness of the moment, how ready you are as a person. Daily Today Horoscope in Urdu You blindly make a decision. It is good if your intuition did not let you down and the choice will be right. If the choice is unsuccessful, then later you pay for it in full, periodically appealing to the Heavenly Office with the words “FOR WHAT” ?! Daily Today Horoscope in Urdu

We know from experience that often the wrong choice entails consequences of a destructive nature for the rest of your life! Therefore, do not take risks in vain, contact us, we will try to help! Ask questions – it’s FREE! Payment is only for building a horoscope and forecasting, because it requires a lot of time, effort and knowledge, and any work must be paid! Daily Today Horoscope in Urdu

What is a birth horoscope?
Only the exact time (up to minutes and seconds) and the place of birth – this is what makes it possible to draw up a mathematically and astronomically correct picture of the position of the planets and stars, relative to the geographical point of the Earth where the person was born. Two luminaries – the Moon and the Sun, five visible planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, two higher planets – Uranus and Neptune, as well as Pluto create a complex spatial combination with each othe Daily Today Horoscope in Urdur against the background of the starry sky. The Universe gives each newborn person its own unique space passport.
The birth horoscope contains information:
– about inborn inclinations and character traits. The correct description of the character allows you to pick up the keys to all other sections of the horoscope
– about what leads a person to the development and purification of the spirit and about what can lead to stagnation, walking in circles and repeating mistakes
– information about what abilities and talents can be involved in choosing the type of activity and profession, as well as a description of the most promising areas of professional self-realization
– information about the wealth of a person, about the degree of his luck, concerning the financial situation
– information about the peculiarities of thinking, about the attitude to study and higher education, about what types and forms of study are most effective for mastering knowledge
– information about the ability to build personal relationships, about marriage/s, about the image of the second half of a person and his preferred temperament. Knowing the birth data of the second person, in addition, allows you to make a compatibility horoscope
– information about possible courts and chances of winning them
– information about children and relationships with them, about the influence of children on the overall pattern of fate Daily Today Horoscope in Urdu
– information about the strengths and weaknesses of the human body. This area of ​​the horoscope allows you to develop a specialized sports horoscope with the ability to determine the most promising sports for practicing.
– information about possible external hazards
– information about relationships with friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters. If necessary, you can consider in more detail the relationship with parents and the situation related to heredity.
– information about long-distance travels of a person. This theme of the horoscope allows you to develop a specialized astro-geographic horoscope that examines in detail the territory of the Earth, country or city and determines the favorable and unfavorable areas of geographical space with a description of its properties.
– and, finally, the horoscope contains something that sharply distinguishes astrology from related sciences – sociology, psychology. This, of course, is information about the probable timing of events and life periods, which allows you to make a forecast.
In each horoscope, of course, there is something individual, something that does not fit into the standard framework of the topics listed, so the above list can be considered approximate.