1st Year Biology Notes Chapter # 10 (Kingdom Animalia)

1st Year Biology Chapter # 10 (Kingdom Animalia)


1st Year Biology Notes Chapter # 10 (Kingdom Animalia)

Suddenly there was a discussion among the faculty about the name of the school’s annual conference. Since 2016, the name “Applied Systems Thinking” has existed, and this year we made a decision with Anatoly to change the name to “Strengthening Intelligence”.

This is due to the fact that our school is aimed at creating a person’s life skills. Life skills are divided into intelligence and applied skills (professions). Enhanced intelligence allows you to quickly master any profession. For the development of intelligence, we identify 17 transdisciplines, and systems thinking is just one of these 17. That is why we decided to move from systems thinking to a broader concept – intelligence.

However, there was an opinion that such a repositioning removes engineers, managers, and entrepreneurs from our target audience. An argument is made: one thing is systems thinking, which can be linked to business, management and engineering, and another thing is intelligence, which is usually done by psychologists, coaches and other infogypsies. It’s no business for engineers to attend intelligence enhancement conferences.

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