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1st Year Biology Notes Chapter # 7 (Kingdom Protoctista Protista)

1st Year Biology Chapter # 7 (Kingdom Protoctista Protista)


1st Year Biology Notes Chapter # 7 (Kingdom Protoctista Protista)

When making a decision, a Forex trader makes a price movement forecast, that is, how a crowd of buyers and sellers will behave in a certain situation on the Forex market (Forex). The task of a trader is to open a position in a timely manner, that is, before other traders or among the first. And how to achieve this? With the help of technical analysis methods, which suggests, based on the behavior of prices in the past, how prices will behave in the future.

Technical analysis is based on the following postulates:
The price chart takes into account everything, that is, it is a reflection of the action of all forces on the market.
The price chart is subject to trends. The trend alternates with periods of growth and decline.
History repeats itself. The secret of future price behavior lies in the study of the past. It has long been noted that different configurations are repeated many times on price charts in any markets, on any time scales.

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