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1st Year Biology Notes Chapter # 8 (Kingdom Fungi)

1st Year Biology Chapter # 8 (Kingdom Fungi)


1st Year Biology Notes Chapter # 8 (Kingdom Fungi)

From here, one can make a strong statement that STEM as a standard for high-quality fundamental education is outdated. It is for this reason that many (not only in IT) rightly believe that in order to become a specialist it is better to immediately invest time in practice, and not spend it on the old intelligence firmware at the university.

However, life is still difficult to deceive. Life skill consists of intellect and applied skill (specialization). You need both. A narrow specialization, even in entrepreneurship or programming, has high risks. A narrow-profile specialist usually becomes a hostage of his experience, which is difficult to refuse. And the world is changing rapidly and therefore applied knowledge quickly becomes obsolete. Only intelligence allows you to quickly notice changes and cope with new problems. Including relearning and endlessly developing in order to always remain in demand.

Thus, without a fundamental education, which is designed to enhance the intellect, it is impossible. SHSM proposes a new standard of 17 transdisciplines, including systems thinking, ontology, information theory, logic, ethics, aesthetics, conceptualization, semantics, and others. At the same time, it is important to change the content of these transdisciplines. So, for example, systems thinking of the 21st century is different from the generation of the last century.

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