2nd Year Computer Science Guess Paper 2022 All Punjab Boards

2nd Year Computer Science Guess Paper

Important Questions for Objective and Subjective

2nd Year Computer Science Guess Paper



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since October 21, 2019, they have been required to implement a process to combat food waste
since January 1, 2020, they have banned plastic water bottles and single-use plastic utensils (cups, glasses, plates, straws, cutlery, etc.)
since January 1, 2020, they have been prohibited from rendering food surpluses that are still edible unfit for consumption in order to allow their possible recovery by associations
by early 2025 (at the latest), they will have to put an end to the use of plastic food containers for cooking, reheating or serving.
Several modules set up by the National Education


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Note: According to the definition, the concept of the grant (internship) presented in Wikipedia is “a gratuitous subsidy to enterprises, organizations and individuals in cash or in kind to conduct scientific or other research, development work and other purposes with a subsequent report on their use. Unlike student exchange, training or internship at a foreign institution of higher education can have a longer character from one to three years. Note the fact that grants for teaching are more popular among students. While grants for research are usually given to graduate students and doctors who are already working on a research or project and are able to prove the need for scientific work abroad. The success in obtaining a grant is largely determined by the correctness of the application for participation in English. There is a certain procedure for obtaining an international grant when the applicant needs to provide in English a detailed work plan for his research, project, indicating the costs and terms, and also describing his personal contribution. For example, some of the most prominent organizations in the United States that provide grants to foreign citizens are the Ford Foundation, the Fulbright Foundation, the US Civilian Research and Development Foundation and others. In Europe, the British Council and the German Academic Exchange Service are considered to be among the largest.

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