9th Class English Guess Paper 2022 Lahore Board

9th Class English Lahore Board Guess


Q.NO.1:Translate the following paragraph into Urdu:

Paragraph No. 1

The Arabs possessed a remarkable ………………. before the promulgation of Islam.

Paragraph No. 2

In the fifth and sixth centuries, ………………. into the light of faith.

Paragraph No. 3

When Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) ……………remembrance of Allah Almighty.

Paragraph No. 4

The period of waiting had ………………………. message of Allah Almighty.

Paragraph No. 5

The flow of the Divine message ………………. light of faith and divine bliss. Paragraph No. 5 And the Holy Prophet (SAW) did …………………………. worldly domains. Paragraph No. 6 Patriotism gives people the ……………………. protection of these values. Paragraph No. 7 Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali ……………… one united and strong nation.”

Paragraph No. 8

The spirit of patriotism makes ………………………protect the homeland.

Paragraph No. 9 Media helps people to ……………………. house is to switch on the television?

Paragraph No. 10

Yes, well said. It would ………………………… you to sum up the discussion.

Paragraph No. 11

The preparation for this …………Zaat-un-Nataqin by the Holy Prophet (SAW)

Paragraph No. 12

During the perilous journey………………. detail in accomplishing the task.

Paragraph No. 13

Her grandfather, Hazrat Abu …………………covered it with a piece of cloth.

Paragraph No. 14

Hazrat Asma (RA) was amongst …………….. empty-handed from her doorstep.

Paragraph No. 15

“There are many examples ……………… faith in Pakistan. It has come to stay.

Paragraph No.16

The whole journey of the ……………………. own distinctive outlook on life.”

Paragraph No. 17

Quaid-e-Azam was a man of …………………collectively and individually.”

Paragraph No. 18

Today the Quaid’s Pakistan is facing …………. and we are bound to succeed.”

Paragraph No. 20

The Sultan Ahmad mosque is ………………..most popular tourist attraction.

Paragraph No. 21 Construction of the mosque ………………reign of his successor Mustafa




Q.NO.2:Answers the Following Questions

  1. What type of land Arabia is?
  2. Why was the holy Quran sent in Arabic?
  3. What was the condition of mankind before the holy prophet (saw)?
  4. What was the first revelation? 5. How will you define patriotism?
  5. What are the qualities of a patriot?
  6. What is the most important function that media performs?
  7. How does media provide entertainment?
  8. Give three reasons in support of your favorite TV program?
  9. Why was Hazrat Abu Quhaffa worried?
  10. How did Hazrat Asma (RA) console her grandfather?
  11. What message do you get from the life of Hazrat Asma (RA)?
  12. She lived a life of hardships but never swerved, comment?
  13. What is the central idea of the poem Daffodils?
  14. What was Quaid’s concept of our nation? 16. What can be the possible solution to our present problems?
  15. How can we become a strong nation?
  16. Why Sultan Ahmed Mosque is also known as Blue Mosque?
  17. How does the interior of the mosque look?
  18. Who constructed the Mosque Sophia?
  19. What does Royal Kiosk mean?
  20. Why does the speaker stop on the darkest evening of the year?
  21. Why did the nurse ask Hira’s sister to come and talk to her?
  22. Describe some qualities of the personality of the nurse in the story?
  23. Why did the nurse say “ Where there is will, there is a way”?
  24. What are the effects of drug addiction?
  25. What are the causes of drug addiction?
  26. What is the role of counseling in the prevention of drug addiction?
  27. How do you define noise pollution?
  28. How is transport a source of noise pollution?
  29. How is the use of technology causing noise pollution?
  30. Why is noise hazardous for human health?
  31. Who was Helen Keller?
  32. What did she want to introduce in universities and why?
  33. What makes you feel that authoress is sad and depressed?



Q.NO.3:Write down the summary of the following poems:


  1. Daffodils ( Second Group )
  2. Stopping by woods on a snowy evening ( First Group )


Q.NO.4:Use the following words/idioms in your sentences:

To keep an eye , Perilous, Pass through , Fall a prey, Bits and Pieces , Information , mad with anger , Raising spirits, Monuments, Request, Vigour, Pollution, Surprise, Global village, Man in the street, make up mind, alarming, herald, Infuriated, Act upon, Spacious, Humility, Impressive, Behind, Next to , Give away , Supervise, Raise awareness, Companion, Refuge, A click away, Decorated, Affect, Determined, Gear up, Fit of fury, Dexterously, Host, Migration, Resolute, Revealed the secret, Prosperity, Century, Damage, Quietly, Aptitude, Responsible, Mother land, Nationalism, Ignorance.

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Q.NO.5: Important Moral Stories


  1. A foolish Stag
  2. A friend in need is a friend indeed
  3. Haste makes waste




Important Letters For 9th Class

  1. Write a letter to your mother who is worried about your health.
  2. Write a letter to your father asking him about the health of your mother.
  3. Write a letter to your brother about the importance of the study of science subjects.
  4. Write a letter to your mother about the test you have just taken.
  5. Write a letter to your father requesting him to send some extra funds for payment of hostel dues.
  6. Write a letter to your sister thanking her for a gift.
  7. Write a letter to your friend congratulating her on her birthday.




Q.NO.6: Most important comprehension Comprehension



One day a wolf felt very hungry. He wandered here and there in search of food but he could not find anything to eat. At last, he saw a flock of sheep grazing in a pasture. He wanted to eat one but they were guarded by a hound. The shepherd’s son was also tending the flock vigilantly. The wolf found himself helpless. At last, he hit upon a plan. He hid in the skin of a sheep and safely went into the flock. The hound could not find out the wolf in disguise. He killed a sheep and ate it without being caught. In this way, he ate up many sheep and their number began to fall every day.T he shepherd was greatly worried but could not find out the thief.


  1. Why did the wolf wander about?
  2. Did he find anything to eat?
  3. Why was the wolf helpless?
  4. How did he get into the flock?
  5. Why was the shepherd worried?
  6. Did he find out the thief? Comprehension



On a hot summer day a fox felt very thirsty. He went about in search of water but could not find water. At last, he reached a well. He peeped into it. Unfortunately, he slipped and fell into the well. A goat happened to pass by the well and looked into it. What are you doing here uncle? The cunning Fox replied. ”Dear Niece. I am enjoying a swim down here. It is very pleasant, come down and enjoy yourself too” The goat was also thirsty, she jumped into the well.



  1. What happened to the thirsty fox?
  2. Who passed by the well just then?
  3. What did the goat do?
  4. What did the goat say to the fox?
  5. What did the fox say in reply?
  6. Why did the goat jump into the well?


Comprehension No.3

Once a stag was drinking at a stream. He happened to see his reflection in the water. He was pleased to see his beautiful horns, but when he saw his thin legs he felt sad as he thought they were ugly. Suddenly he saw a pack of hounds at a distance. He ran as fast as his legs could help him.Soon he l eft the hounds far behind. He had to pass through a thick forest of bushes. His horns gotcaught in a bush. He tried hard to pull his horns out of it but all in vain. By now the hounds had come up. They fell upon him and tore him to pieces.


  1. What was the stag doing?
  2. What did he see in the water?
  3. Why was he pleased?
  4. What made him sad?
  5. Why did he run?
  6. How did bis Ws help him?


Comprehension No.4

King Robert Bruce ruled over Scotland. He had been defeated many times by the English. He ran for his life and hid himself in a cave. He had lost all hope to win. As he lay there thinking if heshould give up his struggle or not he saw a spider trying to reach its cob web in the ceiling of thecave. It fell down again and again but did not give up its effort. At last the little insect reached itshome in its ninth attempt. This gave courage to king Bruce. He made up his mind to fight and thistime he won the battle.

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  1. By whom had Robert Bruce been defeated many times?
  2. Where did he hide himself?
  3. What did he see in the cave?
  4. After how many attempts did the spider succeed?
  5. What lesson did King Bruce learn from the spider?


Comprehension No.5

For three years, the master and all his relatives lived in this valley. Many of the Muslims too joined them. All supplies to the valley were cut off. The Makkans saw to it that no food or drink reached the Banu Hashim. The poor Banu Hashim had to live on the leaves and roots of t rees andbushes. The condition of children was particularly pitiable. At last some kindhearted Makk ans tookpity on the Banu Hashim. They tore to pieces the agreement hanging in the Kaaba. The hu nger stricken Banu Hashim were thus able to come back to their homes.


  1. Who lived for three years in the valley?
  2. Who joined the master and his relatives?
  3. What did the Makkans do?
  4. How did the Banu Hashim live?
  5. What was the condition of the children?
  6. Who took pity on the Banu Hashim?


Comprehension No.6

We see a kind of milk in tins. It is powdered milk. All the water in this milk has evaporated.When fresh milk stays in a dish for a little time, the thick part of the milk comes to the top. It is The cream of the milk. From this cream people make ^butter. If milk with the cream on it i s made into powder, it is called Full Cream Milk Powder. When something floating is taken off the top of a liquid we say it is skimmed. When the cream is skimmed from the milk, the thin milk that stays is called ’Skim Milk’. Skim milk is a good milk but it has no fat in It. It is not good for very young babies. QUESTIONS 1. Is the milk in tins powdered or liquid? 2. What becomes of the water in the milk? 3. What comes to the top of the fresh milk when it stays a little in a dish? 4. What does the thick part of the milk have in it? 5. What is cream? 6. What do people make from cream?

Comprehension No.7

Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed (R.A.) was extremely kind-hearted and just to the people. His army had strict orders not to do any harm to the farmers, aged persons, women, children and other civilians. ”They are the real strength of society”, he said, ”They should always be treated with kindness and respect”. This was something new for the conquered people, who felt very happy now. The Iranian and Byzantine officers were very hard on them. Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed’s treatment won their hearts so much that they began to hate their cruel old masters.

QUESTIONS 1. How did Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed (R.A.) treat the people?

  1. What were the orders given to the army?
  2. What did he say about the farmers and civilians?
  3. How had their former masters treated them?
  4. How did Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed (R.A.) win the hearts of the conquered people?
  5. Why did the people hate their old masters?


Comprehension No.8

A man is known by the company he keeps. A good student should avoid the company of those who keep playing all the time. Many students miss their classes and seldom do their homework because some other fellow students do the same. There are hardworking students also who work while others play. They know when to study and when to play. They play when it is time to play. They enjoy the games of their choice because they know that playing games is essential for health.A sick student is not so quick in learning his lesson as a healthy one.

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  1. What kind of company should a good student keep?
  2. Why do some students miss their classes?
  3. Why do good students enjoy good health?
  4. Why are games necessary for students?
  5. Where does the success of a student lie?

Comprehension No.9 Early rising is a good habit as it gives us early start of our day’s work. We gain time while the late risers are asleep. The early risers have another advantage also and that is that they enjoy good and so und health. Those who are out of bed early have plenty of time to do their work carefully,steadily a nd completely. They do not have to put off anything to the next day. The early riser isalways happy , fresh and smart. He enjoys his work while those who get up late find their duty dull and dry and do it unwillingly. Early rising is, therefore, a key to success in life.


  1. What kind of habit early rising is?
  2. Why can an early riser do more work than the late riser?
  3. Why does an early riser enjoy good health?
  4. Why does a late riser find his work dull and dry?
  5. What is the key to success in life?

Comprehension No.10 One day a girl found a coin. It rolled away before her broom when she was sweeping the yard and fell with a little clatter against the wall. She ran and picked it up. Someone had dropped it while crossing the yard and perhaps had not even troubled to look for it. It was worth little. But it seemed a whole fortune to her, who never had anything of her own before. She rubbed it clean on the sleeve of her blue cotton jacket and put it into her pocket.


  1. What did the girl find?
  2. When did she find it?
  3. How had the coin been dropped there?
  4. What was the worth of the corn?
  5. Why was it a whole fortune for her?
  6. How did she clean it?
  7. What did she do after cleaning it?





Q.NO.7: Change the voice of the following:


1) She likes mangoes.

2) They have bought a horse.

3) She will write a letter.

4) They caught the thief.

5) He will tell a story.

6) Shut the door.

7) She tells a lie.

8) They love their dog very much.

9) They praise the boy for his courage.

10) I will buy a car.

11) He is mending the chair.

12) Try this shirt.

13) We did not hear a sound.

14) Open the window.

15) Who is singing the song?

16) A car run over a child.

17) Open your book.

18) She did not cheat anyone.

19) We shall have read the lesson.

20) Aslam will not fly the kite.

21) Always speak the truth.

22) He reads good books.

23) Who will oppose you?

24) Do not tell a lie?

25) Break the egg.

So is higher education necessary for success?

I will not tire of repeating that the need for any action or inaction is determined by purpose.

it should generalize and systematize the knowledge, skills and abilities of the student acquired during the master’s degree, show knowledge of the chosen problem area, both in terms of the direction of training and in terms of specialization, demonstrate the formulated competencies, the ability to correctly analyze the problem, research and methodological skills student
based on the results of the research (analysis), the dissertation should introduce elements of practical, scientific and/or methodological novelty into the development of the chosen problem area, insofar as it relates to the direction of training and/or specialization.
When writing a master’s thesis, one should adhere to the standard research scheme:


Main part


The introduction substantiates the relevance and importance of the chosen topic, formulates the purpose of the study and specific tasks to achieve the goal.

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