Abiogenesis Proven Wrong

Abiogenesis Proven Wrong


In 1668, an Italian scientist F. Redi performed experiments to disprove the abiogenesis.


Redi’s Experiment:


  1. i) He took two sets of four bottles each.
  2. ii) In first set, he put dead snakes in first bottle, dead fish in second, dead Eels

in third and some meat in fourth. All these bottles are left open.

iii) In second set, he put same things but closed all the bottles with lid.

  1. iv) Both these sets are kept in such a place where flies are present.
  2. v) Flied visit the open set but could not enter into the closed bottles.
  3. vi) After few days, maggots were produced in open bottles, but not in closed bottles.

vii) From this he concluded that maggots are produced in open bottles and flies are responsible.

viii) He stated that maggots were the larvae, produced from the eggs of visited flies.


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