Aga Khan Board 11th Class Result 2023

Aga Khan Board 11th Class Result 2023

Aga Khan Board 11th Class Result 2023: When the BISE Aga Khan Board 11th Class Results 2023 have been officially released, they will be made accessible on this website as soon as they have been published. On our website, we shall provide the students with an online gazette of their findings as a means of accommodating them.

The results of the TAga Khan 11th Class will be announced in November. Any adjustments that are made to the date will also be shown on this page. Although the Aga Khan University Examination Board (AKU-EB) is an independent board, the Aga Khan University’s SSC and HSSC degrees are affiliated with the government of Pakistan, and all examinations are administered in accordance with the legal design provided by the Pakistani Ministry of Education.

The substance of the syllabus that is being taught to children who are governed by the Aga Khan board is based on the national curriculum of Pakistan; however, the Aga Khan board provides different programmes for middle school, secondary school, and intermediate school. After the results of the 11th class and the 12th class have been announced by Aga Khan –EB, the students are free to attend any higher education college of their choosing to complete their degree requirements. Aga Khan Board 11th Class Result 2023

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All institutions of higher education on a local, national, and even worldwide level recognise and honour the degrees that are granted by AKU-EB. The teaching method that is being used by the Aga Khan Board for all of its programmes is a little bit different from the teaching methods that are being used by other BISE Boards in Pakistan because its primary focus is on the development of cognitive abilities and the application of conceptual learning.

The Board has the foresight to educate its pupils in a manner that is appropriate for the speed of the 21st century. Compulsory Subjects, Elective Subjects – Pre-Engineering Group, Elective Subjects – Pre-Medical Group, Elective Subjects – Science General Group (Any One Combination), Elective Subjects – Commerce Group, and Elective Subjects – Humanities Group (Any Three Subjects) are what make up the High School Leaving Certificate programme.

The E-Marking method was used to compile the results for the BISE Aga Khan Board 11th Class Part 1 examination. The assessment policy that was created by the Aga Khan Examination board is founded on three principles: those principles are dependability, validity, and transparency. The pupils are evaluated not only on their word-for-word learning capacity but also on the basis of the information and skills they possess as well as their ability to comprehend the relationships between ideas.

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The whole curriculum is broken down and worked through, and each question is based on something that can be found on the curriculum. Multiple-choice questions (MCQs), constructed response questions (CRQs), and extended response questions (ERQs) are included on the exams papers for all courses (ERQs). Checkers have been given explicit instructions to adhere to the principle of fairness while doing their duties; there is to be no evidence of personal prejudice or discrimination.

Despite this, the E-marking method has made the results system fairly transparent, and students may always review their papers if they have any doubts about the accuracy of the marks they received. The Aga Khan Board’s teaching methods, examinations commencement t, and results preparation are all designed on the pattern of international standards, and they are all inclusive in all aspects of high quality education system. In addition, the results preparation is all-inclusive in all aspects of the teaching methods. Aga Khan Board 11th Class Result 2023

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In addition, the Fancy Foundation makes it possible for deserving students to receive financial assistance in the form of scholarships and reductions or eliminations of any applicable fees. To be eligible for this prize, candidates for scholarships need to have earned a cumulative grade point average of at least 70 percent. The AKU-quality EB’s assurance team regularly performs audits of the organisations with which it is linked in order to control and monitor its operations, and the Board as a whole has been functioning effectively ever since it came into being.

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