BBISE Quetta Board 11th Class Result 2023

BBISE Quetta Board 11th Class Result 2023

BBISE Quetta Board 11th Class Result 2023: The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Quetta is an autonomous government entity that presides over the educational intermediate and secondary education institutions that it is connected with and has legislative jurisdiction over those institutes.

The Board has the authority to terminate, supervise, develop, reform, renew, and create associated institutions as well as control the administrative and financial concerns that pertain to those institutes that fall under its jurisdiction. In addition to this, the most important responsibility of the BISE Board in Quetta is to administer exams and to compile results of the 11th class for both annual and extra examinations.

In addition to the Matriculation (9th, 10th) and Intermediate (11th, 12th) examinations and results, BISE Quetta also administers additional examinations for the diplomas of Associate Engineering, Agriculture, and Commerce and Languages. These exams are in addition to the Matriculation (9th, 10th) and Intermediate (11th, 12th) examinations and results (ABID, ALIM and FAZIL Examination).

1976 was the year when the BISE Ordinance led to its establishment. Since that time, it has been responsible for the following duties: affiliating institutions that teach students for the SSC and HSSC; prescribing courses of instruction for the SSC and HSSC; ensuring the provision of requisite facilities in the affiliated institutions; holding examinations; appointing examiners and supervisory staff; instituting measures to promote the students’ physical wellbeing; and organising sporting events in the affiliated institutions.

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The BISE boards that are in charge of education at the district and municipal levels are playing the role of government instruments in the process of putting the Federal Government’s educational plans into action. These Boards have been tasked with the responsibility of supervising and promoting education in their respective regions, as well as providing progressive direction to institutions through fostering intellectual and reformatory management.

The purpose of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Quetta (BISE Quetta) is to ensure the implementation of the educational goals set by the government in private and public institutes in a way that is fair and unbiased, so that every student can receive an education of equal quality. By using an internet platform, the BISE Quetta board intends to expand its scope of service to cover hitherto inaccessible regions. Through its official website, it is facilitating the online registration and enrolling of students, as well as the release of results and the scheduling of date sheets.

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The use of the online portal has shown to be highly advantageous in terms of fostering an increase in the number of student enrollments and guaranteeing impartial outcomes. At addition to this, the Board places a significant amount of emphasis on closely monitoring the level of education, teaching, and administration that takes place in the connected private and public sector institutions. It plans and executes routine inspection surveys to guarantee that every aspect is being carried out in accordance with the Federal Government’s prescriptions. BBISE Quetta Board 11th Class Result 2023

Every year, the results of the 11th grade BISE Quetta Board exam are uploaded on our website. In addition to this responsibility, the Board oversees and helps to organise scholarship programmes as well as award ceremonies to recognise individuals who have shown exceptional merit. It becomes beneficial in monitoring overall academic achievement accomplished by institutions and is being documented in the records of the Quetta Board at the same time.

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In addition, the substandard infrastructure of Quetta’s public schools, both among terms of their buildings and their equipment, has been a topic of conversation in the more prominent media outlets. Because there is a shortage of power throughout the winter months in particular, the breaks between semesters are made longer. There is a pressing need to increase spending on education in the Quetta District. BBISE Quetta Board 11th Class Result 2023

The school instructors have also voiced their dissatisfaction with the low compensation and the inadequate management provided by the government. In Pakistan, the province of Baluchistan is the one that suffers the most from a lack of resources, including money, infrastructure, and educational opportunities. In comparison to the other provinces, the rate of illiteracy is much higher in Baluchistan.

The focus of the federal government is where the difficulties reside. In spite of the fact that reformative plans are established and debated, they are not put into action, which contributes to bad management in Baluchistan. We can only hope that in the not-too-distant future, we will be able to see a great breakthrough in Quetta’s investment in infrastructure in the educational disciplines.

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