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Ania Bukstein Age Biography, Wiki, Height, Net Worth

Ania Bukstein Age Biography

Ania Bukstein Age Biography: Ania Bukstein is an amazing Israeli actor, singer-songwriter, pianist, and voice on-screen actress who can perform in Hebrew, Russian, French, and English respectively.

Ania Bukstein Age

Her conception took place on June 7th, 1982. At this point in time, she is 40 years old. Her performances in the films Dead Europe and A Quiet Heart have brought her a lot of attention. Check out the following to learn more about Ania Bukstein’s spouse, net worth, biography, profession, movies, and more.

Ania Bukstein Age Biography, Early Life and Career, Educational Background, and Family Details:

Bukstein was the only child born to his Russian-Jewish parents in Moscow, in what was then the Soviet Union. Both of her parents are medical doctors; her mother works in the field of speech language pathology, while her father specialises in neuro-oncology. She spent her youth in Moscow, where she began studying traditional piano at the age of five, a practise that she claims was commonplace in the Soviet Union and was associated with strict parental supervision of children’s activities. When she was eight years old, she relocated to Israel with her parents, while her grandparents continue to reside in Moscow. This relocation occurred in the middle of the 1990s. At the age of twelve, she started her career as an actress. In any event, when she was in Israel, she gave up her dream of becoming a skilled and professional piano player. She received her secondary education in the arts at the Telma Yalin High School for the Arts, which is located in Givatayim, Israel.

Following the completion of her secondary education, she served for a considerable amount of time as a warrior in the Israeli Air Force Band. After completing her studies in French, she was awarded a scholarship to continue her education at the City of Light.

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Career in Music Bukshtein was a historically trained musician who contributed to the musical telenovela arrangement HaShir Shelanu by performing a number of pieces on the piano. Bukshtein, a compilation of songs she has created, was released in 2013 under the title Sunday. The collection has eight songs that were composed and developed by her. Johnny Goldstein was the one who presented the collection, and he also contributed to the writing of the song “One Day,” which is included in the collection. “One Day,” “Nobody,” and “Seven Minutes” are the three singles that are featured in the compilation.

Another one of her singles, titled “Kid or Man,” was released by her in June of 2017, and it was produced in collaboration with DJ Ofer Nissim. She also displays the official Israel Independence Day communicate, in addition to performing renowned Israeli music at state and memorial ceremonies. Similarly, she is a member of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and plays with them.

Ania Bukstein Acting Career:

Bukstein got her first cinematic role and worked alongside Etti Ankri and Shuli Rand. She portrayed Anna, the primary character in the film Eretz Hadasha, which is about a young Holocaust survivor and her struggles after she moved to Israel in 1950 with her older sibling. Eretz Hadasha is a film about a film about a young Holocaust survivor and her struggles after she moved to Israel in 1950 with her older sibling. As a result of her work in the movie, she was nominated for an Ophir Award in the category of best actress in a motion picture performance. She was the youngest actress to be chosen for this category.

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She made her debut in Dover Kosashvili’s film Matana MiShamayim in the year 2003. In 2005, she had a co-starring role in the film Shoshelet Schwartz, which was directed by Shmuel Hasfari. As a result of her work in the film, she was eventually chosen to receive an Ophir Award for best actress. In the 2006 season of the Israeli musical drama series HaShir Shelanu, she played the role of Tamara Vice in the third and fourth periods. She played the role of Neomi Hess, a curious young Haredi girl who develops an infatuation with another young woman while attending a traditional school, in Avi Nesher’s film The Secrets, which received widespread acclaim and was released in 2007. For her work in “The Secrets,” she was awarded “Lady of the Year in Cinema” at the Israeli “Individuals of the Year Ceremony” on September 6, 2007, and the award was given in recognition of her performance. She played the role of Irena Kovlova in the criminal drama series The Arbitrator, which aired on the Hot 3 channel during that year comparable.

She had an appearance in the Israeli satirical TV series Kapiot in 2008, which aired on Channel 2. She played the role of Adi in the leading Israeli horror film Kalevet in 2010, and she subsequently appeared in an episode of the Israeli comedy Naor’s Friends. She portrayed Silvy in the satirical arrangement Amamiot that was released in 2014. Soon after that, she was cast in the film False Flag, in which she played the role of Asia Brinditch, an Israeli kindergarten teacher who is captured together with four other Israeli citizens in a high-profile grabbing that is covered by the media all over the globe.

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In the sixth season of the HBO series Game of Thrones, which aired in 2016, she played the role of Kinvara. In November, Bukstein was awarded the Wolf for the Best Actress grant at the POFF Festival for her performance in the movie A Quiet Heart, which also took home the award for Best Film. In 2017, Bukstein appeared in an episode of the American television series Genius, playing the role of Margarita Konenkova, a Russian government operative. Margarita Konenkova was the woman with whom Albert Einstein had an unauthorised liaison after the death of his succeeding marriage.

Ania Bukstein Husband, Married / Dating Life & Kids:

According to rumours, Bukstein dated her co-star in HaShir Shelanu, an Israeli actor named Ran Danker. She marries Israeli land engineer Dotan Weiner in 2013. The year 2018 saw the birth of their first daughter. She is fluent in Russian, Hebrew, French, and English in addition to other languages. In the following table, you will find further information on Ania Bukstein, including her kids, her dating history, and her husband.

Ania Bukstein Net Worth

As of the year 2022, it is estimated that Ania Bukstein’s entire assets amount to half a million dollars.

Ania Bukstein Movies List:

New Land (The) (1994)
Matana MiShamayim (2003)
Schwartz Denesty (2005)
Foul Gesture (2006)
The Revelations (2007)
Rabies (2010) (2010)
Dead Europe (2012)
Acquaintances hailing from France (2013)
A Calm in the Breast (2017)
Rosh Gadol may be seen on television (2005)
Our Song (2006)
Spoons (2007) (2007)
The Neutral Arbiter (2007-2014)
Naor’s Friends (2011)
Amamiyot (2014) (2014)
Plan B (2015)
The show “Game of Thrones” (2016)
Genius (2017) (2017)
Awards: Awards from the POFF Festival

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