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Artificial Methods of Vegetative Propagation in Plants

Artificial Methods of Vegetative Propagation in Plants


Some plants can be artificially propagated by using their vegetative parts and this is called artificial vegetative propagation. Following are the types of artificial vegetative propagation:




  1. i) Cuttings are short pieces of stem with 2 or 3 nodes or buds.


  1. ii) The cutting is embedded in soil with one node.


iii) The adventitious roots and shoots grow from buds forming a new plant.


  1. iv) For example sugar cane, Balsam, Sweet Potato and rose etc.




  1. i) In this method branch of desired variety of plant is joined to another plant with well established root system.


  1. ii) The plant from which branch is taken is called scion and the plant from which it is joined is called stock.


iii) Scion and stock are tied in place to ensure grafting.


  1. iv) Grafting if helpful to obtain better varieties of fruits i.e. oranges, lime, lemon, mango and rose flowers etc.
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  1. i) In this method a population of genetically identical individuals is produced from a single parent using parent’s vegetative cell under laboratory conditions.


  1. ii) A clone has the advantage that the good characteristics of the parent are passed as such to all the offspring.




  1. i) There are certain plants with underground stems, which also reproduce by vegetative propagation.


  1. ii) For example onion bulb, Canna or Iily and potato tuber.



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