What is ATP and its main Function

What is ATP and its Function


ATP means Adenosine tri-phosphate. Its uses are as under:


  1. i) It is used in synthesis of various compounds like carbohydrates, fats and proteins etc.


  1. ii) It is used in carrying out any physical work like muscle contraction.




It is made up of three-phosphate group. Adenosine is formed of nitrogenous base (adenine) and sugar (ribose). In ATP three-phosphate group are attached in series.



The bond between phosphate groups contain a large amount of chemical energy. When these bonds are broken down a large amount of energy is released which is used in different activities of organism.



Different Methods of Respiration


There are two types of methods of respiration:


Anaerobic respiration:


Some organisms oxidize their food without using any molecular oxygen. This is known as anaerobic respiration. In this process less energy is produced. It is also called fermentation.

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Aerobic respiration:


In higher organisms energy is produced using molecular oxygen. This is known as aerobic respiration. In this method large quantity of energy is produced.


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