BA English Notes The Fly Short Story by Katherine Mansfield

BA English Notes The Fly Short Story by Katherine Mansfield

The Fly is a story taken from the BA English Book “Short Stories”. The Fly short story is written by Katherine Mansfield.

Here you can read its most important questions and the answers of those question for the best preparation of BA English.

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Whichever tool you use, keep in mind that you will need to return to your notes later, so be sure to consider a tagging and heading system. A simple system is suitable: who said what the quote is about, an article or book about, a topic, and so on. It will be easier to find the desired passage later 6. Process and analyze Only a few have excellent photographic memory. If you can’t brag about it, over time you will forget most of what you read. Therefore, as they say, repetition is the mother of learning Learning again is a natural and necessary part of any learning. 7. Use new knowledge in practice

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