Bestemsu Ozdemir Age Biography, Net Worth, Height, Wiki

Bestemsu Ozdemir Age Biography

Bestemsu Ozdemir Age Biography: Bestemsu Ozdemir is a stunning Turkish actress. Here is some information about her age and background.

Bestemsu Ozdemir Age

She was born on April 20th, 1992 in Istanbul, which is located in Turkey. Bestemsu Ozdemir age is [dob]. She is well-known for her part in movie Dünyanın En Güzel Kokusu 2 (2017).

Bestemsu Ozdemir Education:

She received her diploma from Istanbul Technical University’s Fashion Design department, where she completed all of her studies. The actress began her career in modelling while she was still a high school student.

Stats on Height, Weight, and Body Composition:

Ozdemir began her career in 2012, when she appeared in the collection Sakarya Frat and portrayed the man or woman of Melike Derbent. This was her first role in the entertainment industry. She made her first appearance as the character of Sultan in the collections Araf Zaman and Istanbul Hatrs, both of which were her debuts. It was in the series Kara Para Aşk that she made her acting debut in 2014, portraying either the guy or the woman who was Nilüfer Denzer. She made her acting debut in the year 2015 with the collection Analar ve Anneler, in which she represented the character of Sevgi. During the same year, she had a performance as Rosa, a character in the film Tabula Rosa.

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In the film Baba Nerdesin Kayboldum, which was released in 2018, she played the role of either the man or the lady of Fulya. And she played the role of Zeynep Gerginolu’s male or female counterpart in the collection Ege’nin Hamsisi, which gave her a significant role in the collection. In 2019, she made an appearance in the series Güvercin as the character of pek, which was afterwards shown on Star TV. Her performance was televised on Star TV. She made her debut in the year 2020 with the collection Akrep, in which she portrayed the character of Selma.

Bestemsu Ozdemir Movies:

Tabula Rosa (2015) (Rosa) Bir Size Doneriz (2016) (Defne)
Dünyanın En Güzel Kokusu 2 (2017)
Baba Nerdesin Kayboldum (2018) (Fulya)
Television: Sakarya Fırat (2012) (Melike)
Araf Zamanı (2012)
İstanbul Hatırası (2012) (Sultan)
Kara Para Aşk (2014-15) (Nilüfer Denizer)
Analar ve Anneler (2015) (Sevgi) Meryem (2017-18) (Beliz)
Ege’nin Hamsisi (2018) (Zeynep Gerginoğlu)
Güvercin (2019-20) (2019-20) (İpek) Akrep (2020-21) (Selma) İkimizin Sırrı (2021) (Ece Kaya)

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Bestemsu Ozdemir Net Worth

As of the year 2022, it is anticipated that Bestemsu Ozdemir will have a net worth of one million dollars.

Bestemsu Ozdemir Boyfriends

Ozdemir’s dating history includes the renowned Turkish actor Can Yaman; nonetheless, the couple eventually split up. In 2019, she began a relationship with Nail Gonenli, a legal expert who had been in attendance at an Ouzhan Koc performance.

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