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A Brief History of Pakistan

A Brief History of Pakistan Book by James Wynbrandt Introduction : Situated in the northwest corner of the Indian subcontinent, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, occupies a position of historic importance, its strategic location, its role in the birth of civilization, and its impact as a crossroads of political and religious ideologies. the forefront of world events., Geographically, present-day Pakistan has long been a gateway between Eurasia and the subcontinent and between East and West. the region ‘ s past. Some, like Alexander the Great and his army. Others, such as the Arab armies, spreading the word of the West, became an integral part of the region’s culture and character.

Some of humankind’s greatest works of art and architecture, of verse and word, were created here. Today the region has been taken out an outsized role on the world stage: It is a linchpin in the global struggle against terrorism, a cauldron in the heated conflict between secular and theocratic rule, a poster for the struggle between autocracy and democracy.

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