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The Secret History of the America Empir in Urdu

History of the America Empir

The title of the book is “The Secret History of the American Empire” which was written by John Perkins. Translated in to Urdu by Muhammad Ahsan with the title “Amreeci Tareekh Kay Khufya Awraaq”. Lets to read this top secret history in Urdu language. Download in pdf format.



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Mathematics is a fundamental science, therefore there are traditionally many specialists in this discipline. But how to find those who can teach the subject at a specialized level?
What to look for when choosing a teacher?
If you need a teacher who can provide knowledge beyond the school curriculum, consider the following points: Look for specialists. You should not seek help from a school teacher who works with children in their free time. Of course, such people received a higher specialized mathematical education, but the curriculum of general education schools is limited, and therefore much knowledge remains unclaimed in their daily professional activities. Accordingly, over time, a person simply forgets them.

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