BSC Surface Chemistry and Colloids Guess Paper 2022

Surface Chemistry and Colloids Guess Paper

Important Questions for Surface Chemistry and Colloids

Important Questions of Surface Chemistry and Colloids

  1. Explain the difference between absorption and adsorption. Discuss the types of adsorption isotherms.
  2. Write notes on the following:

(a)     Freundlich adsorption isotherms.

(b)     Longmuir adsorption isotherms.


  1. What do you understand by the colloidal state of matter? Bring out the difference between a colloidal solution and a true solution.
  2. Describe the general methods for the preparation of colloids. Give one example for each method.
  3. Explain the use of (a) dialysis (b) electro-dialysis (c) ultrafiltration.
  4. Distinguish between lyophobic and lyophilic colloids. Describe Bredig’s arc method for the preparation of lyophobic colloids.
  5. Give an account of the applications of colloids.
  6. Write notes on the following:

(a)   Artificial rain.

(b)  Cottrell smoke precipitator.

(c)  Tyndall effect.

  1. How would you determine;

(a)     Colloidal solution is brought under influence of an electric field.

(b)     A beam of light is passed through a colloidal solution.

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(c)     Colloidal solution has very low osmotic pressure than the true solution, why?

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