Class 6 Geography Book pdf

Class 6 Geography Book PDF

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Transport transportation. This direction in the logistics vocabulary of business English covers:
types of transportation;
types of cargo, their features;
the topic of choosing the most efficient transport;
loading and unloading goods;
types of transport tariffs.
Transport and warehouse logistics. Organization of a storage facility is one of the priority tasks of qualified specialists. There are many types of storage facilities, as well as methods for efficient storage of products. The specialist regulates the work of warehouses, and the fate of this or that cargo depends on the decisions he makes. While learning English for logisticians, pay attention to the main transport and warehouse processes, storage conditions, and also learn the names of equipment used to store goods Class 6 Geography Book pdf.

Documentation. Logistics is a business area in which documents and correspondence play a decisive role. No process takes place unless it has been previously certified and documented. Therefore, it is important for specialists to be able to conduct business correspondence and effectively regulate document flow not only within the organization, but also between partner companies. Documentation and financial transactions are also part of the Logistics Business English curriculum:
documents regulating international transport;
clearance of imported goods;
payment methods and types of payments.

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