A Cricket Match Essay for 10th Class

A Cricket Match Essay


Cricket is quite an interesting game. It has become popular in the whole world. It has a particular charm of its own. Last Friday, I happened to see a “one day cricket match” at Lahore. It was played between India and Pakistan. There was a huge gathering at the stadium. India decided to play first. The openers played a steady game.

Within first 15 overs, the score rose to 80 runs. But soon Kapil Dev was out. Then he was replaced by Madan Lal. He made 50 runs in 12 overs. Soon there was break for lunch. Indian team scored 220 runs for three wickets in the fixed 50 overs. Then the Pakistani players started batting. They opened carefully and scored 40 runs in 10 overs.

After 20 overs our players became more aggressive. Imran Khan hit two boundaries. Mian Dad scored a beautiful century. All the Pakistani players played beautiful shots. They scored 221 runs for the loss of three wickets in the fixed fifty overs. Pakistan won the match by seven wickets. It was a very interesting match. We enjoyed it very much. It kept us spell-bound till the end.

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Education is very important for every person. Without knowledge of languages, you cannot fly abroad; without knowledge of marketing, you cannot “sell” your resume in the personnel department; without mathematics, you cannot cope in the supermarket.

We use our knowledge every day and don’t even notice it. We read signs at airports, convulsively recalling what Mary Ivanovna said, we catch familiar words in the texts of foreign performers and try to sing along to the rhythm.

Thanks to your studies, you make acquaintances and connections, get a job, move in society, and establish a personal life.

Why is education so important for everyone and everyone? Why should a girl have a diploma of secondary specialized or higher education? There are a number of reasons for this:

This is a way to make money. It doesn’t matter that you graduated from the Faculty of History, but work in the office as a translator. You were taken for knowing the language, but no one would have taken you without a diploma from ANY UNIVERSITY.

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