Describe the Structure of Human Kidney

Structure of Human Kidney


External Structure of Kidney:


  1. i) Kidneys are found attached to dorsal body wall in abdominal cavity.


  1. ii) Kidney is bean shaped and enclosed in fatty membrane called capsule.


iii) The depression in the center is called hilus. It provide a space to renal artery, renal veins and nerves to enter and leave the kidney.


Internal Structure of Kidney:


It consists of three parts:




The outer dark red region is called cortex.




Inner pale red region is called medulla. It consists of 5-7 cone shaped pyramids.


Renal Pelvis:


All pyramids project into a funnel shaped space called renal pelvis. Two tubes called ureters originate from renal pelvis of each kidney and extends to the urinary bladder.


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