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Describe the Structure of a Seed

Structure of a Seed


A seed consists of two parts:


Seed Coat:


  1. i) Testa is the outer layer of seed coat, which protects the embryo.


  1. ii) Tegmen is the inner layer of testa. It also help in protection.


iii) A scar on seed coat is called hilum, which tell us the place of attachment of seed with fruit.


  1. iv) Micropyle is present at one end of hilum. It absorbs water during germination.


The Embryo:


  1. i) The portion between point of attachment of cotyledons and plumule is called epicotyl. It forms shoot.


  1. ii) Cotyledons are the place where seed store food. This food supplied to developing plant during germination.


iii) Hypocotyl is the portion below the point of attachment of cotyledons but above the radical. It forms root.


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