What are the different Modes of Nutrition in Plants

Modes of Nutrition in Plants


The mode of nutrition in plants are as under:


Parasitic Plants:


  1. i) These plants cannot prepare their own food.


  1. ii) They depend on host.


iii) They have special roots called haustoria, which penetrate into vascular bundles of host and draw food material.


  1. iv) Dodder plant is an example of them.



Saprophytic Plants:


  1. i) These plants cannot prepare their own food.


  1. ii) They draw their food from decomposed matter of the dead remains of animals and plants.


iii) Their examples are Neottia and Monotropa.


Insectivorous Plants:


  1. i) These plants can prepare their own food.


  1. ii) They grow on marshy places.


iii) They also capture small insects as food.


  1. iv) Their examples are Pitcher plant bladderwort and Venus flytrap etc.





  1. i) It is mutually beneficially association present between two plants.
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  1. ii) Both organisms derive benefits from each other.


iii) Their examples are grams, peas and beans.


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