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What are the Different Types of Movements in Plants

Different Types of Movements in Plants


  1. i) Tactic movement:


In this type of movement plant body moves as a whole from one place to another due to stimulus such as light, water and chemicals etc. For example chlamydomonas always moves towards low intensity of light.


  1. ii) Nastic movement:


These movements are shown by a part of stationary plant due to external stimulus. For example movements of bud scales and flower petals. Movement of mimosa pudica.


iii) Tropic movement:


When part or parts of the plant move in response to the stimulus then it is known as tropic movement. Two types of response are shown; positive and negative. There are three types of tropic movement:


  1. a) Geotropism:


The response shown by the tips of the shoots and roots of a plant to the stimulus of gravity is known as geotropism.


  1. b) Phototropism:


The response shown by the shoots and roots of the plant to the stimulus of light is known as phototropism.

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  1. c) Hydrotrogism:


The response of growing tissues of plant to the stimulus of water known as hydrotropism.



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