The Dying Sun Question Answer

The Dying Sun Question with Answer

Q. 1: How is it that star seldom finds another star near it?


Ans: A star seldom finds another star near it because there is a distance of millions of miles between the two stars. Moreover, space is immensely vast and each star is bound to travel in its own orbit.


Q. 2: What happened when, according to Sir James Jeans, a wandering star, wandering through space came near the sun?


Ans: When a wandering star came near the sun, it raised tides on the surface of the sun. These tides formed a high mountain on the surface of the sun that we can hardly imagine.


Q. 3: What happened when the wandering star came nearer and nearer?


Ans: When the wandering star came nearer and nearer the sun, the mountain on the surface of the sun rose higher and higher and was, finally, torn into pieces.

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Q. 4: What are planets and how did they come into existence?


Ans: The planets are the broken parts of the sun. They came into existence due to tidal pull caused by some star on the surface of the sun.


Q. 5: Why is there no life on the stars?


Ans: There is no life on the stars because the stars are balls of fire and they have intense heat. Therefore, the

stars are too hot for life to exist on them.


Q. 6: Write a note on the beginning of life on earth?


Ans: When the earth gradually became cooler and cooler. Life started in very simple organisms which had ability to reproduce themselves before dying. In the end, it produced the most complicated organisms like man who has feelings and ambitions.


Q. 7: Why is the universe so frightening?


Ans: The universe is so frightening because of immense stretches of time, extreme loneliness and absence of life on other planets.

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Q. 8: What should be the conditions necessary, for the kind of life we know to exist on other heavenly bodies? Do such conditions generally exist?


Ans: Life can exist only in some suitable physical condition like moderate temperature, air and water. Such conditions do not exist on other heavenly bodies except the earth. Therefore, there is no life on other heavenly bodies.


Q. 9: How do the stars travel in the universe?


Ans: The stars travel in the universe either in groups or mostly they travel alone. They travel at vast distance

from one another.



Q.10: What are the temperature belts?


Ans: The temperature belts are zones that surround each hot star at a certain distance. The temperature

there is neither too hot nor too cold. Life can exist on such temperature belts.

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