What is Electric Bell & how it works

Electric Bell & its works



An electric bell consists of an electromagnet. One end of the winding is connected to a terminal (T1). The other end is connected to a Spring, which is mounted on a soft iron strip called “Armature.” A rod is attached to the armature with its free end having a small hammer that can strike against the bell. a very light spring is attached to a contract adjusting screw which is joined to the second terminal (T2) by a wire. The electric circuit is completed by connecting the terminals to a batter and a switch.





When the push button switch is pressed, the circuit gets closed and the armature is attracted towards the electromagnet. The spring also gets detached from the screw. This results in opening the circuit and the electromagnet gets demagnetized. The attraction disappears bringing back the spring to its original position. As soon as the spring touches the screw, the circuit gets closed and the magnet starts to work. It again attracts the armature and this process is repeated as long as the switch is turned on. As a result, the armature vibrates and hammer attached to it strikes the gang. Hence, the bell rings.

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