Financial ELearning London UK

Financial ELearning London UK


We are highly skilled learning innovators, creating and delivering flexible, multilingual e-learning solutions that allow the consumer to access our content at their own pace, anywhere in the world.

At Financial ELearning we understand finance and trading, our comprehensive accredited and regulated advanced economics courses. At Financial ELearning we understand finance and trading, our comprehensive Ofqual are created by ex-finance market traders and industry experts.

Offer UK governments accredited financial services courses related to compliance, risk and trading.

Provide comprehensive financial preparation advice to maximize LMS operational efficiency and cost savings.

Take existing/traditional learning material currently in use and convert it to 100% online accessibility.

We provide our clients with secure, individual access to our online courses.

We offer full support for enrollment in study materials, language settings and study plan.

How do I access interactive (blended) learning once I’ve bought it?

The first time you make a purchase, you will be emailed a link to access your Blended Learning Portal, please log in to your browser or save the email with the link. When you log in to your Blended Learning Portal using the username and password you created during registration, your purchases will be viewable.

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Do I need an access code to enter the Blended Learning Portal?

No, usually all managers and students can log in using their email address and password. The only time you need an access code is if your manager created your account for you and didn’t know your email address. In this case, the system will generate an access code for the manager, which will give you the opportunity to use.

I am buying online learning on behalf of my Organization, how do I manage my students and monitor their progress?

If you make an initial purchase for more than one online learning item, an account will be created for you and you will receive an email with a link to access your Blending Learning Portal.

We have secure tools
Certified Products
Competitive pricing
Regulatory Statement
Established learning experience
Big support

Financial ELearning Degrees / Programs

Let’s take a look some of the degrees offered by the university.

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Level 1 – Cryptocurrencies
Level 3 – Diploma in Financial Trading
Level 1 – Fundamentals of Finance


Financial ELearning, London, England, UK


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