Gina Holden Age Biography, Height, Wiki, Net Worth

Gina Holden Age Biography

Gina Holden Age Biography: Gina Holden is a well-known actress in Canada, and her age and biography are shown here. She is renowned for her performance in the orchestration of Harper’s Island, which is considered to be her greatest role.

Gina Holden Age

Her birthday is March 17th, 1975, and she was born in Smithers, which is located in the province of British Columbia in Canada.

Gina Holden Education:

Holden immersed herself in the Japanese way of life and eventually decided to make Japan her permanent home. After returning to North America, she enrolled in acting lessons and continued her study of Japanese.

Gina Holden Age Biography, Height, Weight & Career:

She played the part of Coreen Fennel in the arrangement of Blood Ties, which was performed by the band. And in addition to that, perform the part of Shea Allen in the action arrangement Harper’s Island on CBS. In addition, she has appeared as a guest on a number of programmes, one of which being the CW series Life Unexpected. Holden played the role of Joyce Dagen in the film Saw 3D, which was released in 2010, in addition to appearing in Final Destination 3 and Aliens vs Hunter: Requiem.

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Gina Holden Movies List

Fantastic Four is the name of a movie (2005) (LV Receptionist) LTD (2005) (Sam) The Man Who Knows Everything (2006) (Helper for the Young and Beautiful) The Third and Final Destination (2006) (Carrie Dreyer) A sequel to The Butterfly Effect (2006) (Amanda) Identifier: The Cleaner (Code Name) (2007) (Joint Secretary or Assistant) The conflict in Seattle (2007) Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007) (Carrie Adams) A Home for the Holidays (2008) (Hope Eastbrook) The Hunting, a Screamers Game (2009) (Lt. Victoria Bronte) Messages Deleted (2010) (Millie Councel) Saw 3D (2010) (2010) (Joyce Dagen) Sand Sharks (n.) (2011) (Amanda Gore) The Mysterious Island Described by Jules Verne (2012) (Julia Fogg) Dracano (2013) (Diana Fankhauser) Apocalypse in Los Angeles (2014) (written by Ashley Wilkins) Molly Hartley’s Deliverance from the Demons (2015) (Dr. Laurie Hawthorne) Taken Heart (2017) (Kate Johnson) We Have a New Employee (2017) (Sarah Foley) Television’s version of “roughing it” (2002) (Louise) Perfect Romance (2004) (Nervous student) The letter “L” (2004-05) (Milk’s New Girl / Twink’s New Girl) The Dangerous Trench (2005) (Aubrey Henderson and Chrystal) Supernatural (2005) (Haley Collins) Killer Instinct (2007) (2005) (Angela Wilkins) Reunion (2005) (Da Vinci’s City Hall by Rachel Scofield, published in 2005-2006) (Claire) Psych (2006) Murder on Spec is a 2006 book written by Bethany Cadman (Diana Coles) Flash Gordon: Blood Ties (2007-2008) Written by Coreen Fennel Blood Ties (2007-2008) (Dale Arden) Smallville (2008) (2008) (The Work of Patricia Swann) The Island of Harper’s (2009) The Flashpoint (by Shea Allen) (2009) Legend of the Seeker, written by Rachel Simpson (2010) (Lucinda Amnell) A Thanksgiving with the Family (2010) (Jen) Life’s Unpredictable Turns (2010-11) (Trina Campbell) Dear Santa (2011) Canaan Gets Its First Christmas at Home Thanks to Jillian (2011) (Briony Adair) The Haunted Hour: The Complete Series (2011) (Anna Coleman) Fringe (2012) (2012) (Kate Hicks) How to Get Your Heart Broken (2012) (Julie Owens) This was known as the Philadelphia Experiment (2012) (Written by Kathryn Moore) Suits (2012-13) (2012-13) (Monica Eton) Sink Hole (2013) The Listener, written by Joan Conroy (2013) (Courtesy of Bridget Connoly) Teen Wolf (2014) (Claudia Stilinski) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2014) (Karen Bishop) Murder Unresolved (2015) Cradle of Lies is a novel written by Carmen Campbell (2016) (Written by Heather Ward) Lies Hidden in the Attic (2016) Bad Date Chronicles, written by Rachel Davis (2017) (Compiled by Allison Richards) A Nightmare for a Female (2018) (Stephanie Peterson) The Holiday Season on Holly Lane (2018) (Cat) Exhausted to the Point of Death (2019) (Maggie Hart) Having Sexual Relations with One of My Students (2019) His Deadly Affair, a Novel by Kathy Sullivan (2019) Victoria Hart was taken hostage and taken to the island (2020) (Michelle)

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Gina Holden Net Worth

As of the year 2022, it is anticipated that Gina Holden’s net worth ranges between between one million and five million dollars. Holden and her partner, James Eiswerth, are the parents of a son who they called Max Holden Eiswerth.

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