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Hasil Novel by Umera Ahmed

This is one of the best piece of Hasil novel From the collection of or Written by Umera Ahmed It have 102 (One Hundred and Two Only) Pages of Hasil novel. Its difficult to learn arabic because of Slang interferes with the understanding of Arab speech . Every speech has its own slang, but people often say that there is too much of it in Arabic. Slang is the main enemy of those who diligently studied the language for several years, giving it all their strength, but after talking with an Arab, they did not understand his speech Hasil novel. Many in this case are perplexed, because they do not understand how it can be so that they can devote so much time to learning the language and not understand its native speaker. Everything is very simple. Most Arabs have long been using neologisms that are unknown to foreigners. And if you don’t pay enough attention to them, you will make a mistake, since slang must be learned and used in your speech Hasil novel. It will take some time to write correctly . Although it is extremely easy to read and pronounce Arabic words, it is very difficult to learn how to write the correct letters. At first, you will miss most of the words, even if it seems different to you. There are three things to get used to: writing from right to left; most letters are combined; short vowels are not written Hasil novel.
Difficulty memorizing words . Each word has its own root, usually three letters. One root can make a lot of words, which significantly slows down the learning of the language. Due to the huge number of similar words, the uniqueness of each is lost, and this prevents quick memorization. At the initial stages of learning, some even confuse words with different meanings just because they are similar in spelling. Anyways, lets come to the point that is Hasil novel

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