Hazrat Yousaf a.s By Dr. Muhammad Tahir

Hazrat Yousaf a.s

Book name is “Hazrat Yousaf as Qaid se Mahal Tak” Written by. Muhammad Tahir Jagrol. Story of the Prophet Yousuf a.s in Urdu language. Download in pdf format to read offline. rules for a tutor to establish contact with the student’s parents
1. Politeness. This is a very important factor that cannot be canceled in any case. Even if you see that mom and dad are not particularly smart and well-mannered, you should remain tactful and not rude under any circumstances. The tutor should not interrupt the parent when the parent tries to speak. You should carefully listen to the whole speech, and only then try to argue your opinion.
2. Try to put yourself in the shoes of mom or dad. They also have a number of concerns about an outsider who will give knowledge to their child. You need to answer all their questions and provide all the information of interest.

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