Hend Sabry Age Biography, Height, Wiki, Net Worth

Hend Sabry Age Biography

Hend Sabry Age Biography: Hend Sabry is a well-known actress and lawyer in her home country of Tunisia.

Hend Sabry Age

She was born on November 20th, 1979 in the city of Kebili, which is located in Tunisia. At this point in time, Hend Sabry is 43 years old. She gained widespread recognition for her performances in the films Al Katiba (2002), Ouija (2005), and La Mouakhza (2007). (2014).

Hend Sabry Career Details

Sabry’s career began when he was cast as the character “Ola” in the Egyptian television serial Ayza Atgawiz. In this role, he played a person who was obsessed with getting married and had numerous prospective spouses. She was given the title of “Diplomat Against Hunger” by the United Nations World Food Program in the year 2010. She was recognised by Bedouin Business as one of the “100 most amazing Arab females” in the year 2013. Sabry was born and raised in Tunisia, although she now resides in Egypt with her husband, who is a member of the Egyptian parliamentary delegation. Sabry has dual citizenship in both Egypt and Tunisia.

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Hend Sabry Movies List:

Samt EI Qosor (1994) (Aliya) Mawsem EI Rejal (2000) (Emna) Mozakarat Morahiqa (2001) (Jamila)
Al Katiba (2002) (Layla) Ayez Hakki (2003) (Wafaa)
Halet Hobb (2004) (Habiba) Ouija (2005) (Farida)
Sabah EI FoI (2006) (Thanaa0
EI Gazeira (2007) (Karima) Ibrahim Labyad (2009) (Horeya)
Asmaa (2011) (Asmaa) AI Jazira 2 (2014) (Karima)
Zahrat Halab (2016) (Salma)
EI FiI EI Azraq 2 (2019) (Farida) EI-Kanz 2 (2019) (Hatshepsut)
Lahazat Hariga is a television show or television series (2007)
Maktoob (2008) (2008) (Ebtisam) Aredh Khass (2010)
Aiza Atgawiz (2010) (Ola)
Vertigo (2012) (2012) (Farida)
Meen of the Imperatoriat (Amira) Halawat Alddunya (2017)

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