How to Calculate & Raise your GPA?

How to Calculate & Raise your GPA?

GPA – the average score of your school certificate or diploma of secondary, higher education. The opportunity to enter the chosen educational institution, get a job with a good starting salary depends on the GPA. The GPA score is taken into account in the US and Europe, but its weight in each case is different.
The significance of the average GPA score is determined by the policy of the chosen university, the characteristics of school education (simple, advanced classes), the characteristics of assessment (simple average score, weighted average score) and many more factors.

In this article, we’ll show you how to calculate your GPA (generally) and how to improve your GPA if you’re planning to get into a good college.
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How to calculate GPA
This is the first step to success. To improve something, you need to know what the level is at the moment.

How to calculate & Raise your GPA

The average score of a certificate or diploma is calculated in several ways. Some universities take into account the simple arithmetic mean, others require calculation taking into account the number of hours, still others take into account the level of the program in the subject, the fourth take into account the “pass / fail” in their system based on the academic load.

So, it is impossible to enter a prestigious college if you do not study certain subjects in depth – at the level of AP + AP Capstone (research activity). If two applicants have the same GPA of 3.5, then preference will be given to the one who has AP-level courses in the program, or to the one who has chosen the maximum number of in-depth study subjects possible in his school. For example: one studied 3 subjects in depth out of 3 possible, the other – 3 out of 6 possible. The first one is more likely to get in.

The conclusion from the above: you need to find out in detail what is taken into account when calculating the GPA score in a particular educational institution. With specific information, you can build a strategy to improve your GPA score.

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Example.GPA for admission to Beloit College in 2021 was 3.43 (with a 4-point system). This means that the applicant’s typical grade at school or other educational institution was B+. At the same time, Beloit College takes into account training in AP courses.

You can calculate GPA on your own, with the help of specialists in agencies involved in education abroad, or an online calculator – among them there are those who will tell you which “front” you need to decisively attack on.
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How to improve your GPA
And now – some tips for choosing a learning strategy. They cannot be linked into a coherent system, because you will have to choose according to the conditions of a particular college.

The easiest and most difficult way. Study as hard as you can in all subjects. Alas, in modern realities it is difficult, but sometimes it is possible. Excellent study requires maximum self-discipline, extreme dedication, in general – all the very best. This entails giving up most of the entertainment, from a long rest, but the result is worth it.

The emphasis is on the most difficult.This choice is suitable for those who will submit a GPA result to a college that takes into account classes in advanced programs, i.e. weighted average score. If you get high scores in AP-level programs, this will significantly increase your GPA in a particular institution.

Important !When the selection committee considers a candidate, it takes into account how many AP classes the student has chosen from the possible ones at school, not only in the last year of study, but also previous ones. Here’s the advice from Columbia University faculty: “In order to select a student, we must see them challenge themselves with a rigorous and serious study load.” However, you should not choose everything that is available. Focus on your interests, otherwise the number of items with an AP level will turn into a very modest quality of the average score.

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The emphasis is on the longest.That is, for the number of hours. This makes sense when applying to those universities where the number of academic hours is taken into account when calculating the GPA score. If you see that you are not able to “pull out” all the subjects for a high score, focus on those that are given the maximum hours in the curriculum.

Example. You have the following results:

domestic history – 4 (34 hours);
mathematics – 3 (170 hours).
We translate grades into American scores, where the highest is 4 (ros. 5), then 3 (ros. 4), etc. We multiply the score by the number of lessons. We get:

national history – 136;
mathematics – 510.
We add up the points – 1054. Divide them by the total number of hours 306, we get 3.4. This is your GPA, taking into account the academic load. It is easy to understand that you can significantly increase the average score by pushing on mathematics, where there are more hours, and the grade is lower.

Active trick. If your chosen college does not distinguish between class difficulty levels, number of hours, focus on easy subjects and even electives if they are graded. You can often earn high grades in these classes just by being active, completing simple projects, etc. In foreign schools, where students are given a choice, you can score a few of these classes each semester and increase your GPA without much effort.

Do nothing.This is also a strategy for situations where there is no time or opportunity to increase the average score. In this case, you need to focus on other components of admission: first of all, testing the SAT and ACT, learning the language, writing an essay. Start a diary to plan everything, and strictly follow it. If you can do that, chances are you can do the rest. First of all, plan the score that you need to score on the test. To do this, search the network for the 75th percentile for the selected university and make it a target. If you achieve it, then you will be more likely to enter than 75% of those who have already entered. Next, make a plan to reach your required GPA score.

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Estimate “seed capital”- take practice tests to identify weaknesses and work on them. If you are studying, then SAT and ACT scores are much more important to you than GPA.

Analyze your characteristics and choose effective ways of learning / memorizing (taking notes, listening to lectures on tape, compiling mind maps, doing tasks in a group with friends, etc.).

Be attentive and active in the classroom , do not succumb to the bad influence of others – you have chosen the path of success.

Bet on understanding , not memorization, although without it it is impossible to form a knowledge base.

Systematize knowledge – in tables, diagrams, mind maps. A great way to bring knowledge into the system is to become a tutor for others.

Learn extra on your own – there are many free resources on the network in all subjects.

Plan independent spaced repetition – repeat information at intervals: first – more often, then – less often, but regularly.

Summing up – at the end of the week, month, quarter / semester. Reward yourself for your commitment and success!

And the last piece of advice for the desperate. If you didn’t succeed in what you planned, go where they take you. In the United States, the practice of moving from one educational institution to another is common. After studying for a while in one college and significantly increasing your GPA score, you will be able to go to where you originally wanted to go in a year or two. Sometimes you have to retreat in order to win – remember this and don’t give up!


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