Impact of Biological Studies on Human Welfare

Impact of Biological Studies on Human Welfare


Biology helps us in daily matters in many ways. Some of them are given below:


1-Food Production:


Food has basic importance in our life. Agriculture has been improved due to research of biology. Selection of better seeds gives us better quality and quantity of crops, fruits, and vegetables.


2-Control on Diseases:


Health is basic necessity of life. Due to biological research man has controlled a lot of diseases like cholera, T.B, typhoid, malaria etc. Vaccine for different diseases like polio, small pox, tetanus has been prepared. Child death rate has also been controlled.


3-Genetic Engineering:


Genetic Engineering made it possible to produce new species of organisms. Human gene that makes insulin is inserted into the DNA of bacteria which then uses in the treatment of diabetic patients.


4-Pollution Control:


Due to rapidly growing industries and vehicles our atmosphere has badly polluted. Human and animals both facing lot of problems due to pollution. It is due to biological research that we are trying to find out the means to overcome the pollution.

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5-Space Biology:


Exploration of space tells us that presence of life on other planets has also been probed into. On Mars some evidences of life has been found which is in further investigation.


In addition, information became outdated faster. If you buy a paper book on science and technology, then you can be sure that it will become outdated in a few years, and it will simply gather dust on the shelf. It will simply become unnecessary and unclaimed. Accordingly, it makes little sense to purchase it at a significant price. And electronic versions, even if they are outdated, do not take up much space and are inexpensive

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