Important Questions of Chapter Manufacturing Industries

Important Questions of Chapter Industries

  1. What is Portland cement? Discuss its composition.
  2. Describe the Wet process for the manufacture of cement.
  3. What is the raw material used in cement industry?
  4. What do you understand by setting of cement?
  5. Discuss the prospectus of cement industry in Pakistan.
  6. What is the physical testing of cement?
  7. Compare the wet and dry processes in cement industry.
  8. Explain different theories for the setting of cement.
  9. Explain different temperature zones in rotary kiln in cement industry.
  10. Discuss different types of cements.
  11. (a) Discuss the raw materials used for the production of glass in industry. a. How is glass manufactured on industrial scale?
  12. (a) Discuss different types of glass.

(b) How are coloured glasses produced?


  1. (a) What are the prospects of glass industry in Pakistan?

(b) What do you understand by the word “annealing”. Explain it with reference to glass.

(c) What are pyrex glass. flint glass and gena glass?

  1. What are fertilizers? Why are they needed? Discuss the classification, of fertilizers and their uses.
  2. Describe the process of manufacture of urea with flow sheet diagram. What are the prospects of urea in Pakistan?
  3. How are ammonium sulphate and ammonitim nitrate manufacture in Pakistan’) Describe in detail the process used.
  4. Discuss the process of manufacture of calcium superphosphate and triple , superphosphate with neat and clean diagram.
  5. What are the prospects of fertilizers in Pakistan?
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