Is The Necklace A Tragedy

Is the Necklace a Tragedy


According to Aristotle, a tragedy is a story of suffering over a long period. The hero of the tragedy is better than ordinary people are. He suffers because of a mistaken act. He exhibits great endurance in the face of sufferings. He may die or fail miserably at the end. His sufferings may arouse pity and terror.


In the light of the above definition, when we read the story, “The Necklace”, we find that Matilda was higher in the sense that she was very beautiful. She suffered because of her four mistaken acts. Firstly, her high ideas about the luxuries of life were the first reason of her tragedy. She should not have gone to the ball. It was her mistake.


Secondly, she should not have borrowed the necklace from her friend. This was her second mistake and it was the main reason of her tragedy.


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Thirdly, she acted quite carelessly. She should have taken great care of the necklace. She lost the necklace because of her carelessness. Fourthly, she should have told her friend that she had lost her necklace. In this way, she would have been saved of her tragedy.


We see that she suffered for ten long years, but like the heroine of a tragedy, she exhibited great endurance in the face of all the sufferings. We see that she failed in the end in a sense that all her struggle proved useless. The end of the story arouses pity and horror. We see her older than her friend of the same age. When her friend revealed that the necklace was false, we pity her. It is a shock not only for Mathilda but also for readers.


Therefore, we can conclude that “The Necklace” is a tragedy and it fulfills all its requirements.


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