Jazz 3G/4G Latest Internet Packages

Jazz 3G/4G Internet Packages

Jazz is a telecommunications network in Pakistan. This is the brand of Mobilink, the largest mobile service company in Pakistan. In Pakistan, there are more than 55 million subscribers. It provides its customers with high-speed 3G / 4G Internet services. As Jazz acquires high market share in Pakistan, it offers its clients several Internet packages Jazz 3G / 4G.

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Here we will discuss Internet packages Jazz 3G / 4G, but you can also see other jazz services:

Jazz 3G/4G Latest Internet Packages

Internet packages Jazz 3G / 4G – Prepaid

Jazz Offering very good Internet packages to its customers daily, weekly and monthly.

Jazz Prepaid Internet packages:

Daily data set (Peak-Off Peak)

This is an amazing internet offer from Jazz for its client for daily Internet access at a very low price.


Price Rs. 20
100 MB
1100 Mbit outside the peak (2 hours – 2 pm)
Subcategory * 117 * 4 #
Verification status * 117 * 4 * 2 #
Validity period 24 Hrs

Jazz Free Music Bundle (daily)

For music lovers, there is a terrific Internet Jazz package with enough data to enjoy music all day.

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The description is given automatically. There are currently no product reviews.

Internet50Mbps Data
50Mbs Savan Subcategory * 502 * 1 * 1 # Validity period 24 hours

Daily SMS messages + WhatsApp Bundle

For SMS lovers, here is one of the greatest jazz Internet packages for daily fans with a huge amount of WhatsApp data and free text messages.

Rs. 6
The Internet
10 MB
1800 SMS
* 334 #
Validity period
24 Hrs
Status The verification code
* 334 * 2 #

Jazz Weekly Premium Internet Package

This is the best jazz Internet offer for customers who are looking for weekly Internet jazz packages.

Rs. 110
The Internet
2000 MB
The code for the code is
* 117 * 47 #
Expiration date
7 days
Status The verification code
* 117 * 47 * 2 #

Weekly Mega

If you are a Jazz client and are looking for a weekly Internet package with a huge amount of data, we recommend this one of the best Internet packages Jazz.


The following information is provided for the purchase of the following products:

The Internet 4000 MB Subcategory * 159 # Expiration date 7 days Status The verification code * 159 * 2 #

Weekly WhatsApp Bundle

Hey, WhatsApp fans here are a terrific online Jazz package with free WhatsApp for 7 days.

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The following information is subject to change without notice.

The Internet 25 MB
1200 SMS Sub-Directory * 101 * 1 * 07 # Expiration date 7 days Status The verification code * 101 * 2 * 07 #

Jazz Free Music Bundle (Weekly)

Best jazz Internet package for music lovers. Subscribe and enjoy non-stop music for 7 days.

The price
The Rupees 90
The Internet
350 MB
350 Saavn
* 502 * 2 * 1 #
Validity of the
The Week

Monthly jazz Internet packages

Jazz is known among mobile users for their desire to meet the needs of cellular customers, so we discuss each month one of the best Internet packages Jazz.

The following information is provided for the purchase of the following products:
The Internet 2100 MB The code for the code is * 117 * 77 # Expiration date 30 daysStatus check* 117 * 77 * 2 #

Jazz WhatsApp Monthly Bundle

Here’s a monthly WhatsApp set for jazz users. See below for details.

The price
The ores 60
The Internet
5000 MB
12000 SMS
* 101 * 1 * 02 #
Expiration date
30 days
Verification status
* 101 * 2 * 02 #
The verification code
* 101 * 3 * 02 #
Un-Sub Code
* 101 * 4 * 02 #
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