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Physics Guess Paper 9th Class Short Questions

Physics Guess Paper 9th Class

Short Questions

Base/Derived Units & its Example,
Scientific Notations & Example,
Physical & Electronic Balance,
Zero error,
Significant Figures,
Rest & Motion,
Linear & Random / Circular & Rotatry Motion,
Scalar & Vector,
Distance & Displacement,
Mass & Weight,
Newton 1st & 3rd Law,
Limiting Friction & Example,
Friction & its Reducing,
Centriptal & Centrifugal Force,
Bankng of Road,
Cream Seprators,
Head 2 tail Rule,
Torque & Unit,
Momentum Arm,
Centr of Gravity,
Like & Unlike Forcs,
Stable & Neutral Equlibrum,
Law of Gravitation & Example,
Different Values of g,
Uses of Communication Satellite,
Work & Joul,
Energy & 4 Types,
Power & Watt

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