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What are the Kingdoms of Living Things

Kingdoms of Living Things


Two Kingdom System:


It is the oldest system of classification. It has following two types:


Plant Kingdom (Plantae)


All the plants, which can prepare their food and have cell wall, are placed in this kingdom.


Animal kingdom (Animalia)


All the organisms without cell wall are placed in this kingdom.


Five Kingdom System:


According to this system organisms are classified into five kingdoms, which are as follows:


  1. i) Monera:


All the prokaryotes are placed in it. E.g. bacteria, cyanobacteria, blue green algae.


  1. ii) Protista:


All the eukaryotes are placed in it e.g. protozoa and aquatic organisms.


iii) Plantae:


All the plants having cell wall of cellulose and chlorophyll are placed in it e.g. rose, palm and mango etc.


  1. iv) Fungi:


The fungi differ from plants as it contain cell wall of chitin therefore it is placed fungi kingdom.

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  1. v) Animalia:


All the organism with lack of cell wall and chlorophyll are placed in it. They are mostly multicellular. They cannot prepare their food.


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