Leila Otadi Age Biography, Net Worth, Wiki, Height

Leila Otadi Age Biography

Leila Otadi Age Biography: Leila Otadi is an Iranian actress.

Leila Otadi Age

Her birthday is August 5th, 1983 and she was born in August. At this point in time, Leila Otadi is 39 years old. Skein (2014), Riot (2015), and Conditional release are the films for which she is most recognised for their roles (2016).

Leila Otadi Early LIfe And Education:

Leila’s early life and education began in Tehran/Shemrian, where she was born. She received her first chance to perform in a movie when she was just seven years old. In any case, both she and her family believed that she should prioritise her academic pursuits above performing at the moment. When she was 18 years old, she had had experience with organised acting. “Bruised Eyes,” directed by Iraj Ghaderi, was Leila’s first film role.

In addition to being fluent in Persian and Turkish, she enjoys playing tennis, horseback riding, and a wide variety of other activities. She attended the Tehran University of Art to study Interior Architecture and received her degree there.

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Debut in the Film Industry Her first film was “The Black Eyes,” which came out in 2002 and was directed by Iraj Qaderi. Otadi has shown an interest in a variety of television arrangements, such as “Truth Revealed” (2004), “Tears and Smiles” (2008), “Blood Money” (2010), and “The Wound” (2014). She has furthermore made appearances in the films ‘Willow Tree’ (2004), ‘Left-Handed’ (2005), ‘Greeting’ (2008), ‘Searching For Happiness’ (2009), ‘The Outcasts 3’ (2010), ‘Failed’ (2011), ‘Laleh’ (2013), and ‘The Straw Dogs’ (2013). (2013).

She began reciting sonnets when she was just 17 years old and published her first book in 2014 under the title ‘In Heaven There is No Crow, Nor Scarecrow.’ The book is a collection of poems written in both the Persian and English languages.

As of the year 2022, it is estimated that Leila Otadi has a net worth of 81 million dollars in the United States. In addition to this, she has a significant amount of experience acting on film.

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Leila Otadi Movies List:

You Tap Tap (2011)
Female Male Life (2011)
Page 113 (2011) (2011)
Mr. Alef (2012) (Golrokh)
Burnt Matches (2012)
The Woman, the Man, and Life (2012)
Laleh (2013) (2013) (Sara)
The Puppies Made of Straw (2013)
Magician (2013) (2013)
Skein (2014) (2014)
3 Foreigns (2014) (Sousan)
Riot (2015) (2015)
Nardoon (2015) (2015)
Telepathy (2016) (2016)
2016: A Depressing Year (2016)
Two-Tone White Forehead (2017) (Golden forehead gazelle)
Kativsha (2018) (Zhila)
Weightlessness (2019) (2019)
Various Shows and Serials on Television: “The Last Sin” (2006)
Both Sorrow and Joy (2008)
The Money in Blood (2010) (Fereshteh)
The Cut or Wound (2014)
Carousel (2016) (2016)
We Relaxed (2016) (Ava)
Riot (2017) (2017)
The Most Excellent One (2017) (Motamed)
Around Autumn (2018) (Shirin)
Gando (2019) (2019)

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